Saturday, June 13, 2015

These church officials liken trans individuals to pedophiles and heretics.... just awful
Posted by L E A D: LGBT Educating and Affirming Diversity on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bear Hugs

Thank you all so so so very much for your support of Alia and Emaan and their family in the passing of their father and grandfather. I can't tell you how very much it meant to them to see so many people that hardly know them to receive prayers and participation in the memorial service. They were overwhelmed with the feeling of love and the presents of God in our group.
They are learning so much from us and through us about our country and the love we have for each other regardless of our color or culture. I am so very proud to be a part of you and to call you my family. This to me is the true meaning and Spirit of God and Christianity. We are all welcome!
You have all continuously been there for me through all I have gone through this past year. You have prayed without ceasing and been there to listen and for me to come to twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. God could not have blessed me with a more loving, accepting, open group of people.
A special Thanks to Mary for being unwavering with her love and support even through her own trials and tribulations. She has continued to give her support and love in unlimited texting, phone calls, meetings, prayers. I am blessed to have an amazing sister in Christ.
Lastly and most importantly, Father Joe. No words can say what your leadership and guidance means to all of us but I can speak overwhelmingly for myself. Sometimes we forget that you are a man of flesh as we are and have your own trials and conflicts in your life because you never fall, you never fail in your teachings, your time, your support and your prayers. I pray for you daily. We need you, we admire you and we look to you to be our rock. Thank you so much for the many hours you've given me of your time and support even when I know there are so many more needy then I.
I could say something about each and everyone of you in how you have influenced my life and held me up. I take none of you for granted and I keep all of you in my prayers.
You at St. Matthews LEAD! You all are the spirit of St. Matt's and allow it and make it so that We are ALL WELCOME and feel the love of God there.
Thank you from my whole heart and soul! So much peace and so many bear hugs to all of you!